Situated between Bruxelles and Antwerp, near Mechelen.

Oost-Vlaanderen, Antwerpen, Limburg and Vlaams Brabant are within one hour driving distance by car.

Same for area Noord-Brabant (Netherlands).

Fysim, situated Scherpenbos 2, is also reachable by public transportation,

6 minutes walk (500m) from nearest bus stop Heidestraat smid – line 560 ,

there are buses from train station

city Mechelen (station perron 20 arriving and leaving)

city Lier (station perron 11 arriving or 2 when leaving),

Mechelen and Lier are reachable by train from Bruxelles and Antwerp.

From Mechelen toward Fysim, line 560


From Lier, direction of Fysim, line 560


Depart from Fysim, direction of Lier, line 560

Depart from Fysim, direction of Mechelen, line 560